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The health record will be displayed on the Health tab, as shown in the following example.

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To quickly find a particular section of the health record, click the Collapse All button located at the top of the record and then use the Expand button in a section header to display that section. To choose the sections that you want to see each time you view your health record, click View Preferences. If there is a check in the check box next to a section title, that section will always be displayed when you view your health record.

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To hide a section, remove the check mark. Click the check box to remove a check mark - click again to add it back. You can also move sections up or down using the arrows to the right of the section title. Be sure to click the Save Preferences button. Messages Tab Click the Messages tab to view a list of all the messages that you have sent or received. View or Reply to a Message To view the contents of a message, click the message.

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If you want to send a new message to your doctor or to clinic staff, click the SEND MSG button to display fields in which you can select the recipients and type a subject and a message. Family Tab If you log in to your Patient Portal and click the Family tab, you will see your name at the top of the tab, and there will be a check mark to the right of your name. Instructions for granting access are provided in the Account Tab section of this document. The SWITCH button next to the family member's name will change to a check mark to indicate that their health records are currently being displayed on the Home, Health, and Messages tabs.

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Appointments Tab On the Appointments tab, you can request an appointment to be added to the Wait List, as well as view upcoming and past appointments. To schedule a Wait List appointment, you will need to provide the following information: Where: The location of the facility you wish to visit.

With: The provider you wish to see. When: The time you are requesting.

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Note: the First Available checkbox will be selected by default. Unchecking the First Available box will allow you to request a Wait List appointment for a specific date and time. Choose your timeframe: between, before or after. Define the appropriate time value s.

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Enter notes relevant to your appointment request optional. AMA Viet Nam will grow the number of own centers as well as expand into other major urban centers in Vietnam.

Sylvan Learning is an education group who offers innovative education multi-programs targeting students from primary to high school. The programs, which include STEM and College Prep, are a combination of quality content and innovative technology to prepare students with necessary skills and progressive knowledge within the relevant areas.


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Sylvan Learning is looking for an Assistant Marketing Manager who will be responsible for planning and executing key marketing activities for the above programs. The Company is going to launch a new innovative education multi-program targeting students from primary to high school. Recruitment Email: chuyentl. TA plays as a monitor in class; helps teachers to keep the students silent and order; controls them if sometimes they are so active in activities or games. Have the students focused on their lesson and paid special attentions on the teacher. The students are kids; they always like talking, playing, running around the class….

This task will keep them be calm and have better behavior. Whenever the students get assignments from teachers, we have to help them to understand what the exercises say and to finish them ASAP.

Some teachers ask the students to do exercises at home so that they can revise the lesson and improve their skills also. TA is a translator in class in need. We have to make sure that all students get what the teachers explain. Remember to ask the students to give the parents everyday to get their signatures and give us back on the next day.

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