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Just to clarify I have all eleven episodes on disc, no stuff packs. Choosing only six or less to play is hard, I like playing eight out of eleven. You see my problem. So I reinstall and after the patching again, it worked last night. But tonight for some reason it cannot find the disc again. This time I have no downloads or custom content installed. The disc is in the drive. I spent so much money of those discs. Going digital seems like a waste of money but if works then great.

Re: [Mac] "Disc Authorization Failure

Happy me. Is origin connected to the old official sims 3 website? I thought Origin was for PC users only based on the info inside the booklet of every disc version. Does it cater for Mac users too now? So long as you have all the product codes 2. Yes 3.

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If I was to write instructions for every single bit this article would be huge! Google is your friend for basic Mac housekeeping — https: What caches specifically and why do you need to? Yes 7. I might be confusing caches with cookies.

Disc Authorization Failure

Like it would harm your game or something. How much does it cost on Origin? Can I get it cheaper? Is that possible? When I download the game will I get all of the hairstyles and clothes from the previous games as well on there?

How to: Fix Sims 3 no disc error

Plus the previous worlds? What happens if I want to change the order again? Can I get it back easily if I take it off? According to your other guides I would have to download the latest released game? Which is the future one for me. Does it matter? Sorry, I have moderate learning difficulties. To get my thoughts out the way which may be complicating the issue at hand. These technical issues make my head hurt. Once registered the games will be available to download. It sounds like you need to uninstall Into the Future follow my guide to manually uninstalling an EP then download and install Origin, register your Into the Future product code in Origin, download and install Into the Future, then apply the digital patch. So I just updated my operating system on my IMac and I am getting the disk authorization failure when trying to play.

So, I was planning to save my data on the Sims 3 folder and go online to origin to get the digital copies of my games so I can uninstall then reinstall. Just to confirm, I have to get all of my games The Sims 3, expansion packs, and stuff packs onto Origin then only uninstall the latest EP and reinstall it using the digital copy without reinstalling the original game or any of the other ones?

Doing this will make my game work again with all the previous saved games, cc, library files etc. My plan is to copy my Sims 3 file to save my game data then get the digital copy of my games then uninstall the most recent EP then reinstall it using the online version. So just to confirm, I will use to codes to get all of my games the original Sims 3 game, expansion packs, and stuff packs on Origin as digital copies. Then, I will uninstall only the most recent of my expansion packs and reinstall using the online copy.

Doing this will allow me to play the game as I did before with all the previous saved games, cc, library files etc. Last question, if there is a EP that is more recent than the ones I have installed currently could I download that EP to solve the disk authorization failure in place of getting the digital version? I will use to codes to get all of my games the original Sims 3 game, expansion packs, and stuff packs on Origin as digital copies. I recently updated my mac to El Capitan and am also having problems with my Sims 3 game and I have a quick question.

The user data folder is not affected by uninstalling and installing an EP. Thank you for that! What should I do next? But with the current situation, should I just go ahead and uninstall the EP? Will that from there allow me to download the digital copy in Origin? And do I also have to download all of my other expansion packs as well or just the latest one?

Thank you!

My University Life EP in my applications also has a question mark on top of the icon and when I click the base game launcher to play the game, it redirects me to play the next EP down which is the Seasons EP, but the University Life icon is gone from the bottom of the page. I still have the 1. There may be an issue with the current version of Origin and downloading not functioning properly.

Patch your game up to 1. Sorry for asking so many questions, I just want to take as many precautions as possible. Just for clarification. Origin is not actually needed to play the game.

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Yes, you need the digital patch. I did! But if I go into my downloads it will make me go through the same process again. Oh goodness! Thank you for saying that! Control clicking the file was just what I needed to do! The patch is now downloaded on my main sims page. If I have to uninstall Origin in order to download the University Life EP again, will that get rid of the question mark on the icon in my launchpad?

Will I finally be able to play the game after that? And if so, how do I uninstall Origin? Follow the instructions to uninstall anything UL related on your Mac, it seems like some files may be still on your Mac. Thank you for your suggestions. When I turned on my laptop this morning, the icon was not in my launchpad anymore, but I still and I looked through other folders to see if there were any residual files only to find that there were none. I guess restarting my computer was all it needed. Sometimes this message comes up again and again, even though the disc is in the drive and is genuine, and it is very frustrating.

Things to try: Check that you really do have the correct disc in the drive. To launch the game you should be using the latest disc in terms of release date which may not necessarily be the last one that you installed. It's quite easy to pop in the wrong disc in error if you have a lot of expansions, so it's worth a quick check.

Examine the disc closely and see if there are any areas of damage such as small scratches. Ensure that the disc is clean and undamaged. If the disc is dirty or damaged it may stop functioning correctly.