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PCIe Cards for Macs? + the NewTek NDI...

Privacy Policy Accept. Both licenses can be floating if desired. The rvsdi executable or rvsdi. On Windows: navigate to the RV installation's bin folder and launch the rvsdi.

RV-SDI Manual

On Linux: go the bin directory of the RV installation tree and start the rvsdi program. This is the primary interface to configure the SDI device for presentation mode. Next time you're in RV you only need to do step 8. You can always start the prefs to change the SDI parameters as described below. Other AJA cards may also work on each of the platforms. Some older quadros or consumer GeForce cards may also work with the AJA hardware, but we do not guarantee any kind of performance with non-quadro kepler or fermi cards.

Note that the k is not recommend since it lacks dual copy engines. For Linux drivers must be compiled or obtained from AJA.

HDR on the Desktop: Apple’s Pro Display XDR

To obtaining driver source code for linux requires enrollment in AJA's developer program. At that point you can download the driver source code, utility programs, and up-to-date firmware for various hardware.

Looking to capture SDI into MacBook Pro | MacRumors Forums

If you're not concerned with stable play back speeds the T-Tap is fine. It will output the correct color and image. Images were stored on the built in SSD. So far no reports with Kona3G in 4K mode or Kona4. We also have a z for SDI testing. If you have a choice between a z and z choose the z especially of you will be using a Kona 4. This makes it possible to set up unique routing on the AJA card.

Blackmagic Design

This module is currently unable to produce stereo output but is planned for a future release. Not all formats are available on all platforms and devices. This is a limitation imposed by the AJA board. There are additional options which can be passed to the AJA device via environment variables or from the preferences Additional Options field. The preferences field takes command line-like syntax:.

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So for example the following forces the use of Rec. Its possible to use environment variables instead which correspond to the command options above:. In the other cases the presence of the environment determines the value i. Normally, the best possible method given the hardware and OS will be used. However, you can override this behavior using the method argument with one of these values:. Use simplest possible GL read back scheme not recommended. There is a mimum and maximum ring buffer size for a given hardware setup. The lowest possible value is 2, but in practice 3 or 4 is usually required.

The maximum value is 4 to 6 depending on the format begin used.


For example 10 bit DCI 2K stereo requires extra memory limiting the ring buffer size to a maximum of 4. The ring buffer size should be set to the lowest possible value in order to reduce latency. When the size is set too small, play back will be slow and stutter.

In stereo modes HDMI is currently set up to show the first eye. The standard Kona3G firmware is not able to output 4K formats. This converts the card into either four inputs or four outputs but no mixed inputs and outputs like the standard firmware can do. The Kona4 and Io4K support 4K with their standard firmware. There are a number of requirements that need to be met in order to obtain best results:.

By putting the Kona card in slot 4 which is not serviced by the same controller maximum bandwidth between the two cards can be achieved. AJA's website has a page describing recommend configurations for various hardware:. This can result in a huge performance win if set up properly. Fermi and Quadros and Kepler and Quadros all have dual copy engines.