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September 11 by inizovtsev.

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September 18 by Alan Maxwell. Posted: March Dan danj.

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Self employed contract worker. The drive is no different from the older one as far as compatibility, SATA is a set standard Samsung can't really alter things. Thank you for the reply. I was also wondering if I will need to change the hard drive connector cable or my old late Macbook pro one will plug in the new SSD? I saw an upgrade one on this site and read few comments about changing it.

However, after watching a dozen youtube videos, I haven't seen anyone change their. The inside surface of the uppercase are not well finished so the cable tends to wear on the rough surface. Even still I would place electricians tape on the uppercase where the cable rests to help protect it. Lastly, don't over bend the bend points as you don't want to fatigued the foil conductors.

I have an early model and taking advantage of the thanksgiving sales to buy an ssd for my laptop. Would you be able to shed more light on that for me? Thanks :].

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Are you into a two seat coupe or more into an eight person Land Rover? Thats the same issue here with storage size. How much stuff are you expecting to have on your system? Also the larger SSD's do have a faster write speed so consider that. Do keep in mind You need to keep enough free space for the drive to breathe! Show 8 more comments. Dean Bishop. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem on a mid MacBook Pro. Has anyone worked out a solution yet? I really don't want to have wasted my money on an SSD that will not work.

You must apply a strip of electricians tape on the uppercase where the cable crosses over. And lastly don't fold the cable! You want a nice arc not a sharp bend. The thin foil wires can be damaged. It's not the SSD's fault! The Samsung and EVO drives are great! Alberto mnemos The installation process stops at first reboot before language selection with the typical error message that cannot be installed and reboot.

I don't plan changing the HDD cable which by the way already comes with a plastic tape on it to protect it by now but will see if any firmware updates or so help in the near future. I just did three systems today both 13" models. Dan, when you say to apply a strip of electrician's tape on the uppercase, do you mean apply it onto the SATA cable to hold it in place??? The tape is placed on the uppercase isolating the cable from the rough surface of the aluminum case.

All three booted up without any problems! Dan how Come we need to replace this cable?

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Is it literally that crucial to change the cable? Does it just by having the new cable replaced allow for the laptop to then fully turn on and load like normal? I guess my objective is to figure out the reason behind changing to that new cable. See my MacBook was erased by me via find my iPhone app remotely, and it did erase everything from the computer. I then press the button to power it on like normal after doing this, and after Remotely erasing it from my iPhone every time I power it on and it went to white screen with a circle and a slash through it.

I did some research and diagnosed it being a shot out SDD. So I have now replaced my solid test drive with a Samsung evo 1TB. Show 3 more comments. The install was excruciatingly slow taking 9 hours. The OS installed quickly. I put the SSD back into the internal bay and everything slowed right down; booting took an eternity then clicking anything when it'd booted caused it to lag.

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I did think that the SATA cable could have somehow damaged itself in the process but the original drive, back in the Macbook performs normally. Or the cable is worn just enough to struggle with the higher data rate of the SSD. February 2 by Zygab. Marty M martym. Same question here. June 8 by Neiko. Louis lvdwiele. Posted: September September 11 by pocketchange. September 18 by Louis. Jan jan Question here -- so the cable replacement should be performed only if you have issues, not in general, right?

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The old one works great still, no issues, so I assume it won't be any different with the new one. I also didn't have to replace the HDD cable as is stated elsewhere here I suppose it only needs to be replaced if it's faulty. Super easy. Jan which Ssd drive did you use? The bottom line here is you need to replace it. Is this issue correct or am I missing something? You don't need Samsung Magician to setup your drive. Yes, Samsung Magician requires a Linux boot to run. It will allow you to tune the drive if needed, on the most part I find the defaults are just fine. You do need to prep the drive to make it work. Aws Basyoni. I heard that it is not compatible with macs! Someone is giving you a bunch of BS!

The 2. Hans Dufourmont dufouha. Just don't crease it. You will want to place a piece of electricians tape un the uppercase where the cable rests to help isolate it from the rough aluminum case. January 14 by Dan. Works fine when I swap it back to my old though S King urock. Posted: January 7. Is the hard drive cable that you recommend above suitable for a MacBook Pro 17 inch model? You also want to place a strip of electricians tape on the uppercase where the cable rests.

Also, don't crease the cable! You wan smooth arcs no sharp bends as that will damage the foil wires inside. Posted: January Numerous SSDs accompany encryption and blunder assurance that can ensure imperative information — and drives with longer guarantees could be justified regardless of a look,too.

Installing an SSD into the Late 2011 MacBook Pro!

Other structure variables exist, for example, the mSATA and m. The length of M. In any case, these have to a great extent been deplored for most customer and business use by the most recent M. Pay consideration on what comes in the container, as well. The key favorable position of SSDs is obviously execution and this is most intensely felt with regards to get to time.

This is the time it takes for the drive to move starting with one piece other information then onto the next.