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One less thing to worry about with Drupal and I can focus on getting on with cross browser testing. Do you know if ie4mac does anything sensible like, renders text via a Windows emulator? As Text renders differently on Windows than on OSx — not a big problem unless your trying to get clever and use the FontFace Attribute.

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I just tried it and installed IE8. Tutorial here: Same issue here. The installation was fine, however, IE 8 will only say connecting, and I have to force quit to close the window. Any ideas? Like a couple of people mentioned before, I too need to access school and work websites that only support IE — please help. Why not using Avant browser which based on IE? Avant and Winebottler only work on Intel machines. IE stinks, but some of us cannot use anything else. I wasted a few hours this morning trying to install and got the same problem other users are reporting: Trying to type in a URL to force it to connect does not work either.

Going to have to use parallels.

Run Internet Explorer for Free on your Mac - SimplifyIT

It seems to work for some, which is even more frustrating. I have the same problem then most of you guys, is there any other way beside wine bottler for IE? I had the same thing but figured it out.. I had the connecting and freeze issue but it worked if i went through google. It was still useless for me though because it wont bring me to hotmail, and if i need to login to something, the login box is missing.

Flash issue maybe??? Does anyone have a more consistent, modern solution to this? The only reason, really, to use IE on Mac is for testing, and none of the Winebottler installs are any good for this. And as far as IE5 goes: And, needing Rosetta, it will not function at all on Mac OS I installed winebottler, its ok. I had the same problems described on this thread. IE6 and 8 never installed correctly, and i have tried several times.

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This doesnt work. IE7 doesnt have javascript which is what I need.

How to run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X

Any other solution? Was prompted to install some x11 program which is fine but nothing happens. Tried several times. I am admittedly not tech savvy, this wasted a lot of time.

Internet Explorer for Mac

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The last OS capable of running it was There is no Internet Explorer for Mountain Lion.

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If you must have IE you need to run Windows virtually e. I would try the Chrome or Firefox or Safari on Mac and see if they can work for you. In Safari, you can try this: Tortilla 3 8.

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I'll also add: Buscar's workaround is your best option if you don't want to run actual or virtual Windows. Olaf Olaf We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations.