Mac os x python h not found

Brett Morris Brett Morris 1 3 Either use ctypes or write your library as a Python extension using Python. Doing both is rarely a good idea.

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Jared Jared 15k 6 38 That's what I needed. I'm not sure about SashaZd 3, 1 18 BTW - I loved Ubuntu Community Ask!

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I just wrote a simple C executable to check if Python.

However, when I try to compile it with gcc it gives me an error: No such file or directory. Welcome to askubuntu!

include "Python.h"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would assume that the compiler isn't finding Python. This can be done with the -I flag: When linking, use the output of this command to include the appropriate libraries: Nathan Osman Nathan Osman 21k 32 After "gcc -c -I There was also a similar issue in MacVim it seems: What's also a bit strange, is that I get: In file included from..

From grids. I have not yet installed that OS. I suspect that the solution will be to modify the ifdef to take into account the OS version.

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It could get confusing given all the python packages that are available. The option is --disable-rx3d Do not compile the cython translated 3-d rxd but even that does not affect the compilation of grid.

It seems somebody has the following fix in another tool that checks the MacOS version: Ok, thanks. On a slightly related note, I saw that this page is still point to the 7.