Hard drive speed tester mac

5 Great Apps To Measure Your Mac’s Performance

Many cloud services also offer an automatic backup service, so you never have to worry about accidentally missing your recent files in the event of a hard drive failure. Additionally, getting excess files off your overworked hard drive could help increase its speed.

Speed Test Your Macs Hard Drive or SSD

Testing your MacBook hard drive is something everyone should be doing at least occasionally. It provides valuable data for future reference, helps you understand how your computer is functioning and is a good indicator of when it may be time to upgrade a few things.

DiskMark - speed test for Mac OS X (macOS)

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  • DiskMark is extremely simple to use and invaluable if you work with any USB drives flash or external harddisks. And, a history of benchmarks lets you quickly compare your own drives. Why should I benchmark the performance of my disks?

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    Most newer MacBooks and iMacs come with solid state hard drives which are incredibly fast atleast when running normally. Using DiskMark you can see if the performance deteriorates due to age or due to bloatware on your system.

    • How to Quickly Test a MacBook's Hard Drive Speed (Step by Step)?
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