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Apple Ends All Support for Final Cut Pro 7

Create additional Alpha transitions. Creates all necessary files for jacket picture from any popular image formats. Organize assets with folders Open in Editor View status of background encoding View information on imported assets such as type, timestamps, length, encoding progress, bit rate, and more. Reveal the location of the asset in the Finder Sort by name and information Refresh assets that may have been updated with other applications Re-encode source assets Reconnect assets.

CMF 2. Choose from a wide variety of automatic transitions Create your own transitions Includes several theme-based royalty-free Apple-designed templates that can be user-customized Supports up to 36 buttons per menu 18 for aspect ratio Templates in both NTSC and PAL formats Allows still menus and buttons to be made from layered Photoshop files.

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Allows motion menus to be made from video streams Set the loop point on motion menus to avoid replaying intro transition Add effects to menus and buttons with shapes and drop zones Built-in action-safe and title-safe areas View menus with rectangular or square pixels Use grayscale and chroma color mapping Create language-localized versions of the same menu. Automatically assign functionality to assets with one click using over 60 combinations of context-sensitive drop palettes.

Automatically create movie scene indexes based on chapter markers. Mode-free interface for workflow efficiency Rearrange interface tabs to different quadrants to create different workflows.

I don't know if there is any virtual solution. DVDSP is sensitive to small errors. If you have FCS2 there should be no reason you cannot reinstall it. I just don't see what you are complaining about. If the software works for you reinstall, if you are having a problem reinstalling figure out why. You may still be able to fine a FCS3 upgrade on ebay or something like that, just make sure you get the original install disc and serial number.

If you need this tool in your business do what you have to to get it up and running. Apple is a for profit company, while I don't agree with some of their discussions lately I refuse to keep bitching about it.

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As soon as their tools no longer work for me I will move on. I will find a way.

Apple DVD Studio Pro Tutorial part 3: slideshows, end actions and more!

If I cannot afford to update software when it is needed or upgrade systems to run needed upgrades then I will get out of the business. Keeping useful equipment and software for as long as they get the job done is smart, replacing them when they don't is wisdom. The reason why I can't install FCS 2, is because Apple has chosen to drop support and make it impossible! I fail to see the need for this programmed hinder.

I did not anticipate this. But now I've got it, and I don't think I can return it.

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You can purchase FCS 3 or easily find it on eBay. That's pretty much the only way. The version 2 you have is not designed for the computer you have. Noah Call Box Training. Although now I wish I had bought the upgrade when it was available, because this feels like a very unnecessary extra cost.

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But no, I can't use any limited DVD authoring ware. I make DVD masters for feature films, and the menus must be unique and the discs versatile. And for bluray I have Encore, but I prefer Apples software. It's a pity that they didn't value it themselves.

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  • Apple did not cheat you, you decided to do an upgrade that was not compatible with your software. Software and equipment move forward.

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    If you must have an old version of software, or just don't want to pay for an upgrade then you need to make sure you are staying compatible before doing anything. There are several ways to get you where you need to be. I have boot HD for this very reason. If someone gives me a FCP 6 job and I need to keep it at that version, I plug in boot and and we are all good to go. But this just seems like greediness.