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If the user selects the box, the answer is Yes. You can store the result of the decision as a value in a cell and use that value in your code or calculations. You'll have plenty of time later to tweak the text associated with the check box. Your first order of business is to tell Excel where to store the check box's "state.

Formatting a control

You can use that value in your formulas. For example, you can display a custom message with a formula such as the following:. By the way, the check box Control Properties also let you set the initial value state for the check box. Radio buttons known as option buttons to Windows users allow a user to select one option from a group Figure 1. Radio button items are mutually exclusive; that is, only one can be selected at a time. The currently selected radio button contains a small dot; the unselected buttons are empty.

Create/use custom or default sheet templates in Mac Excel

If the user selects a different radio button, the dot appears in the newly selected button and is removed from the formerly selected button. Radio buttons are often found in dialog boxes, on web forms, and on database data-entry forms.

Check boxes are used when more than one option may need to be selected. For example, a set of check boxes could indicate allowable contact methods for a person. Any number of check boxes can be selected—from none to all.

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By default, the ability to add radio buttons, check boxes, and other controls is hidden from you. Figure 3 Check boxes and radio buttons can be inserted from the Form Controls group of the Developer tab.

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  • This is also where Visual Basic is found. If you find it distracting, though, you can remove it by repeating these steps but removing the check mark from the Developer check box in step 3.

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