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When you see the particular selected file, move it to trash and restart the Mac. When the computer starts, open System Preferences and select Keyboard. Choose the Dictation tab and disable this feature. Then restart the Mac again. Once the computer has booted, turn on Dictation and check if the problem is solved. Clear the speech recognition user library cache folder by using the Go to Folder function in Finder.

SpeechRecognitionCore and click Go. When you see the file selected in Finder's window, move it to Trash.

Use Voice Control on your Mac

Download another language. Visit the Keyboard pane under System Preferences and select the Dictation tab. Then click to select language and choose add language. Some users state that by downloading and installing another language pack, their native language is reset and this solved the issue. Try turning off your antivirus application.

Transcriva for mac

If you are using any antivirus software, the Dictation feature can be blocked, since it sends and receives data from the Apple Server over the internet. Enhanced dictation does not have this problem. Open Sound under System Preferences and choose the Input tab. Try to set the input volume to a level higher than middle. If you still have problem, turn on the ambient noise reduction option.

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If you are using an external microphone, check the manufacturer's support site for more accurate instructions on how to adjust its settings. Enable Enhanced Dictation. What is new in Enhanced Dictation?

MacSpeech Dictate

What is the main difference between regular and enhanced dictation? Reset the voice recognition feature Go to System Preferences and select Keyboard. Try adding a language Visit System Preferences and select the Keyboard pane. Reset dictation languages manually Disable enhanced dictation by following the steps above. Create a new temporary administrator account. Reboot the Mac and log in with the newly-created admin account.

Siri vs Dragon Dictation on Mac

Change the main account permissions from Administrator to Standard by unchecking 'Allow user to administer this computer'. Disable parental control on the main account. Dragon Express also differs from the fully fledged Dragon Dictate version in that you can only dictate into the Dragon Express window, here you will see your words transcribed into text.

If you are interested in giving speech recognition a try then this is an excellent and cost effective way to see what it is all about.

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Not quite a free trial but a good general overview of the Dragon speech recognition technology and the great work Nuance are doing in the Apple space. I would like to see a discount off Dragon Dictate 2. This gives you a good basic overview of Dragon Express in action, interesting on the post to twitter that the you can not dictate to click the OK button but still need to mouse click, which clearly shows the cut down nature of this software.

I still think it is an excellent buy if you want to see how voice recognition works. At the time of posting this blog post there were only five comments on the YouTube video, most of them highly critical — I state again, using the in-built MacBook or iMac mic will not give highly accurate results, do yourself a favour and buy yourself a USB noise cancelling headset and mic before you try this software. Thanks, a genuinely informative post. Most seem to be light edits of the Nuance press release.

Plantronics seems to be the go.

When To Use It

I also have used the iPad Dragon app to dictate some fairly abstruse readings involving terms used to discuss the Middle Ages with hilarious results. I think it may do very nicely to dictate paragraphs from books I want to quote even if they require a bit of fixing up. Lorenz Gude Perth WA. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Interesting, I have struggled to find the press release the link on the Nuance page goes nowhere. The key difference between the iPad app and the app for the Mac is the ability to train.

For example, you can say "tweet," after which it opens a box on your desktop like this:. Then, whatever you say after that is typed into the box. It works similarly for Facebook. It's a kick, and it's a huge productivity enhancer on all fronts. It's worth it — I think this technology is excellent, bordering on miraculous. If you have an iPhone and can't type as quickly as you can talk, Dragon NaturallySpeaking We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Entertainment Like Follow. If you don't wish to install Bonjour, you can enter your computer's IP address, and I tried configuring it that way which worked equally well: Once the software and iPhone were paired, I tapped the icon on the iPhone app and it activated the microphone. After a 5-minute guided training session that amounted to just testing of the microphone, the software was ready to go.

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