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By Saitek. It has design defects but I still recommend it I am currently in the process of repairing my X I bought it in August of and it broke beyond use on January 6 Because Steam tracks your hours and I only use this with Elite:Dangerous, I know it broke at about hours of play. The first failure was when the throttle detent came partially out and jammed the throttle.

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Easily fixed. The failure I am fixing now is broken wires in the stick. Saitek has used solid core wire on a moving part! Never do that! It should be stranded wire. It is very difficult to work on the stick and I am not sure I will be able to reassemble it A great place to start A great place to start. Feel great in you hands.

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Downside feels slight light. There is a slight Driver issue. It seems that Saitek never got around to fixing it. What will happen if you keep the x52 plugged in and your computer goes to sleep. Suddenly you thumb boost button on your throttle no longer works. You will push it and it will just have and led flash on the Control stick. The solution i found after a few hours searching to try to even find out how to fix it.

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It seems if this happens you will have to download and install the drivers for the last update before the one on the included cd. After that it worked fine. If anyone has this issue i hope this solves it for you so you don't have to search forums all night. By james tolman. A classic controller brought down by shoddy manufacturing. Writing this review breaks my heart because I've owned an X52 for nearly 10 years give or take , and I've generally loved it.

It's never been a perfect stick. The spring tension is a bit weak and there's too much play in the center, but it's always been a winner in the bang-for-your-buck category, and I never regretted owning it. Honestly, I've always loved the thing.

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The recent resurgence in HOTAS popularity brought about by Elite: Dangerous and the upcoming Star Citizen was a great excuse to bring it out of the closet for another run. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and my X52 got old. It started to have calibration problems where sustained pressure on the stick would cause the y-axis to drift away from center. By Mike. Quality, accuracy and functionality. Good stick, weird support.

It's a good joystick and throttle. But I hesitate to give it 4 stars for a couple of reasons. Registering movement where there was none. These things happen, and I wouldn't have docked a star except They required me to upload a picture of the serial number on the unit, upload a picture of the amazon invoice, and a video of the joystick, with the joystick control panel visible on the screen, of the issue I was having. By Individualist. Great stick but proving problematic Was a very good hotas to start with but after 4 months it started showing wear as in sloppy centering and not as accurate as it was.

Now that ive owned it nearly 6 months the yaw pickup in the stick twist jumps violently to the left making use of fixed weapons in game near impossible. It will go through periods that its ok for a couple hours then start jumping left. The warranty procedure has been slow and they keep asking for more info and videos of the malfunction. Its been a month since i opened my ticked for repair and its my belief that they are trying to wait out my warranty so they dont have to honer it.

Will change review if they complete warranty. By Stormyjr. By CH Products. This is what you need to know. Alright people, listen up. This is the review you want. Well I've had both, complete with their respective rudder pedals and throttles and I have returned one and kept the other. Continue reading to find which one got the boot. Zero binding, and as much precision as you will ever need. I can apply inputs into the CH yoke using my pinky finger with an almost unnoticeable amount of force and that input makes it into the simulation.

I run this yoke with high sensitivity and ZERO deadzone.

By Christopher Eastridge. Great entry level yoke for X-Plane 11! This yoke is a very popular and reliable yoke.

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There are only a few options at this price point and I wasn't looking to invest a ton of money into my new X-plane 11 game. I knew I wanted a yoke and a set of peddles, but I was open to options. Honestly, you have to buy a yoke and peddles to make X-plane worth it and practical to play. Doing it otherwise would make it feel more like a game than a consumer-level sim. Anyway, this is a great entry-level yoke to get into sim games like X-Plane The setup literally took about 5 minutes and I also customized a few of the throttle and buttons to work a bit more like my favorite plane Baron By JonTheCanadian.

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Yoke works great. Securing clamps are terrible. The controls have a good feel and responsiveness. The downgrade in stars is for the hardware used to attach the yoke to a desk or tabletop surface. The pressure points of the clamps, used to hold the yoke's housing to a desk, are located too close the front of the yoke's housing.

They barely reach under and grab a desktop from below. This creates insufficient clamping pressure. Further, the clamps are located so far forward, they create a pivot point on the underside of the yoke's housing. This allows the housing to wobble and rock on the front edge of your desktop with any movement of the yoke wheel.

This setup must have been released for sale without sufficient testing because testing would have revealed how poorly designed and inadequate the clamping system was. By Jaundiced Eye. You might also like. Previous page. Best PC Joystick. Windows Central. Best joystick for computer. The 7 Best PC Joysticks. Best xbox one skins for console.

Best xbox adapters for pc. Best xbox controller adapters for pc. Next page. From this point you use the 'hat' switch on the stick to navigate menus.

The best HOTAS for Elite Dangerous: Thrustmaster T16000M and TWCS Throttle review

Update: Have been using this with Elite Dangerous now for several weeks. Still working well. It is definitely a must-have for me for combat sorties.

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My only complaint is that the stick squeaks too much hard plastic? Tips for drifting flight. My ship consistently drifts down and needs constant adjustments.

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The fix for this is in the options in Elite Dangerous. If the ship drifts down, slide the dead zone a few pips to the right. For good measure I have slid the dead zone for yaw and roll a few pips to the right as well. By blassty. Unfortunately there isn't many choices for PS4 Hotas setups. In fact I believe this is the only officially supported flight stick for the system and game.

That being said, it feels solid and functions well. I appreciate the adjustable resistance, helping you to tune the feel to your preference. The only problem I've had is during particularly hectic gameplay moments, the stick will slide a bit which throws off my orientation. I decided to drill a few several screws around the base of the stick to keep it in place.

This works well but now my table has a bunch of screws in it.