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These tools help you to manage your IP addresses and troubleshoot problems, but they also help you to find all the IP addresses of the devices on your network and determine the status of each one dynamic, static, available, reserved, etc. Many also allow you to save your network scanning results and present them in spreadsheets or reports.

This is my top choice for network scanning software. You can easily assign management or control permissions to other admins or admin groups, allowing you to delegate tasks simply within the IPAM rather than needing to use another tool. The console is centralized , allowing you to see all the relevant information in one place, reducing the potential for error.

This is another strong business-level contender for network scanner tools. MyLanViewer is an IP and network scanner, as well as a traceroute tool and network monitor. It uses a buddy-list style window to display all of your network computers, including important technical information about each one. It can scan your network to monitor IPs and let you know when any details change. It also supports remote shutdown and other remote functions for each network computer. It can monitor hidden devices on your subnets and discover bottlenecks in your connection with its traceroute tool.

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About Traceroute

Apps For You. IP Scanner. IP Scanner 3. Other notable features Sort network list by device name, IP address, MAC address or Last Seen Get an overview of the current network or view changes over time in the 'cumulative mode' Highly configurable display - don't need to see the MAC address column, then don't display it! Text too small, then make it larger! Version 3. Latest device profiles.


Wi-Fi Scanner Tool is Native in Mac OS X, Here’s How to Use it

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Most helpful. Not free. WASTE of my time.

You can extend the amount of information received about each target with the help of plugins. Eusing Software creates miscellaneous free applications for windows users. Among the most popular tools is the Free IP Scanner. This tool is a lightweight standalone scanner which can check a hundred devices per second.

It is only supported by Windows OSs. The last one can show details such as host-name, workgroup, active logged users, and the MAC address of the device. All the results obtained can be exported into a TXT file. People like Free IP Scanner because it is simple, portable and easy to use.

However, it cannot be extended with more functionality.

5 Best Free Wi-Fi Apps

NetCat is not strictly an IP Scanner, it goes well beyond that. It is however a tiny Unix networking analyzer utility used by and against hackers for a large number of reasons. It is tiny but powerful. NetCat is considered as a feature-rich networking tool used especially for debugging and investigation.

With NetCat you can create any kind of connection. The most common use for this tool is to set up reverse and bind shells, redirecting network traffic, port scanning and forwarding, debugging scripts, and service banner grabbing. It is a free and powerful IT management tool that can scan networks and find your assets. With the scanner, you can target a specific IP or range of IPs and get a full inventory of all computers, servers, virtual servers, switches, routers , printers, VoIP phones, etc. The results can be easily exported and created into a report. People love LanSweeper because of its ability to automatically deploy scripts and commands to many devices at the same time.

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It uses an integrated deployment feature to automatically deploy software and execute commands on the devices shown on the inventory. The software goes beyond scanning.

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